EELAV McBEE is based in the fantastic city of Melbourne, Australia. I am a handmade jewelry designer, who has a lot of years of experience when it comes to the fashion world, and my work has travelled across countries. When it comes to design, especially the design and production of feminine, quirky and colorful handmade jewellery, you can always count on me. EELAV McBEE also make cards, hair accessories and women’s clothing. My works comprise of elements that can be transferred across a broad range of styles. My inspiration often comes from my personal history or our surroundings. Each piece has a story and speaks differently to each person who wears my designs. My love and passion for the fashion world has also kept me going. The desire to always make sure that people from far and near get the best quality clothing and accessory materials has not in any way, gone down, but gets fuelled as the days go by. Everyone wants to look good and there is nothing like getting the best quality products that will greatly and delightfully serve you the purpose for which you bought the product in the first place. My products, such as the handmade jewellery, are unique and very accessible. When contacted, we make sure we get you the accessory that best suits your kind of occasion.

In addition, the natural feeling and touch of my handmade jewelries cannot be overemphasized. My work as a handmade jewellery designer has made me travel to different destinations and to places with various cultures, beliefs, values and fashion styles, which has even enabled me to gain access to, ordinarily, inaccessible parts of their lives. My mind and skill set has also been sharpened and broadened by the experiences gathered over the years. For the work we do here, we make sure that we get our esteemed customers well taken care of. We try as much as possible to ensure that our buyers get the best quality service they can ever get while providing the best quality products for them. I, as a handcrafted jewellery designer, know and understand the dynamics of the fashion world today, and I want to make it known that no knowledge is lost, as we will keep seeking for knowledge even as we progress and move on, doing what we know how to do best. The design of handmade or handcrafted products such as the necklace, earring or even cards is already a job well done with us even before you order for it. We prioritize our customers’ satisfaction, this explains the wholehearted confidence they have in us. You can be rest assured that you are about laying your hands on the best handmade jewellery anytime you contact EELAV McBEE.

As an expert handcrafted jewelry designer, EELAV McBEE’s antecedents speak for her. In my collections are lightweight leather earrings and I also design gold black statement copper tassel earrings, gold black statement drop earrings, gold black statement pearl tassel earrings, gold black triangle studs, gold black triangle studs sets and lots more. The benefits that come with purchasing, and ultimately, adorning, my beautiful and unique handmade jewellery, include the fact that my jewelries are made from higher quality materials, with an individual at the production end, not a huge factory. So you can be assured of a natural feeling whenever you wear any of my handmade jewelry products.

When it comes to the design of cards too, my products, as a handcrafted card designer, come in different varieties depending on your respected choice. There is the unique handcrafted card decorated with 3D paper flower mini wreath and wooden shapes, which is approximately 3 centimeters. This is also accompanied by the plastic pattern design envelope with a beautiful sticker. Whenever you think of getting your next handmade card, handcrafted earring, handmade necklace or what have you, just be rest assured that EELAV McBEE is always at your service.